In the Indian car market, SUVs have made a special place among the customers. Here, SUV means a strong and powerful big car, which has the ability to cross the path of every kind. Almost every company has launched its car in this segment. If you are planning to buy an SUV on this Diwali, here we are

The Indian auto industry is focusing gradually on increasing the market of electric cars. There are two reasons - first, the price of petrol and diesel is increasing day by day, and secondly because of these fuel driven vehicles, the environment is polluted too. At the same time, people of India are

Automobile companies are launching marvelous products these days. In this scenario, the largest automaker of the country Maruti Suzuki India has introduced a new car - the Ignis.  The team of Maruti Suzuki has made such a product that directly targets Young India. The look of this car is such

Best Small car For Ladies in India in 2018

  • Post by Amar K Updated on February 17, 2018

Although there are a lot of cars available in the hatchback segment, it will be interesting to know which cars young women and girls prefer to drive. Of late , small cars with AMT variant have also been launched in India which is again proved to be convenient for women in terms of driving. 5 Be

Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch about 7 new cars in the upcoming 3 years.The company will launch 2 - 3 cars every year in the Indian car market. Not much information has been available about these cars but there are some possible names making rounds in the automobile circuit. It is also worth- m