Inexpensive 2 Seat Sports Car Tamo Racemo makes a debut at Zeneva Motor Show

Under Tamo Sub brand Tamo of Tata Motors the company unveiled its inexpensive two seater car 'Recemo' at the Zeneva Motor Show.At the same event the company also showcase next generation Sedan and SUV Tigor and Nixon respectively.

This sports car by Tamo may be available in the market from 2017-18.The 1.2 liter engine Racemo is a connected car of Next Generation.The sports vehicle uses microsoft based cloud technology.

The car has been given a stunning and awesome look.The driver of this 2-seater sports car will experience the super-speed with the 150-180HP power generating engine.It attains a speed of 0 to 100 kmpl in 6 seconds.It is based on Advanced Flexible Modular Platform which makes the car weight lighter and therby accelerate to higher speed faster.

The 1.2-litre turbocharged Revotron engine (3 cylinder) of Racemo outputs 190PS power and 210 Nm torque.It has a height of 1208 mm and 165mm ground clearance.

'Racemo' sports car by Tamo Tata has also got a better navigation system , traffic information and maintenance monitoring.Although no official statement has been made on the price , it is speculated , the car will cost about 25-30 lakhs in India.