7 Essential tips to prolong battery life of your car

A Car battery has an important role in car as it is responsible for starting-lighting-ignition functions.If your engine starts then only other things can proceed.Hence , it is very essential to have a regular maintenance of your battery.Check out these simple tips to increase the life of your car battery.

Preventing Battery Discharge


Discharge of the battery is a common problem of the car battery. In fact, the battery discharges by keeping the car standing for several days. So, it is important that you continue driving the car regularly.

In addition, you should pay attention to the servicing. And if you do this, the battery of your car will provide a better performance. You should not switch on the headlight and push the horn more, if your car is not running. It will stop battery drain.   

Regular Care Of Battery


Battery is the main source of energy for your car. So it is very important to take regular care of the battery. You should clean the accumulated acid near the battery terminal once a week.

At the same time, check the level of battery water regularly. Keep refilling in the battery. Besides, never let battery water down below a level, because it can damage the battery. 

Keep Battery Terminals Clean


Always keep the battery terminal clean. Never apply grease on the battery terminals because it can spoil it. However in place of grease, petroleum jelly or Vaseline can be used on the battery terminals.

On the terminal, the blue residue is often stored, which is dangerous and prevents the flow of current from the car battery. This relic also destroys the metal, so it is good to clean it immediately.

Always Use Distilled Water


For the car battery, always use distilled water, which is easily available in the market. Never use acid or ordinary water. In ordinary water there are mineral. This reduces both your battery capacity and age. This also damages the battery plate.

Moreover, when the engine is cooled down, only after refilling it. And close its caps after the use.

Keep In Mind When Buying A New Battery


According to every car manufacturer and engine capacity, the fixed ampere battery is used. So, always use the battery guided by the car manufacturer. At present, car batteries of different companies are available in the market.

When buying a new car battery, you can prefer the branded company whose service network is better and the warranty gets longer.

Examine The Battery


The battery indicator is given on the dashboard of your car. Always pay attention to this, as it signifies any kind of disturbance in the battery. In this way, you can examine the battery. If this light burns, get the mechanic examined immediately.

Apart from this, if there is a problem in getting the car start up or it gets hot again consult the mechanic immediately.

There Is Connection Between Battery Life And Driving Methods


The battery life of your car is directly related to how you drive the car. If you run on high pressure on the engine or you use accessories like fog light, AC more, your battery may get damaged early. At the same time, if you do not drive your car everyday and travel only for short distances, the battery may get worse soon.  

Apart from this, accessories have a pressure on the battery as well. In fact, most accessories are less energy consumed, and normally it does not have any effect. But, nonetheless, even after the car engine is off, the accessories continue to consume the battery power so that your battery may soon be discharged. Hence, avoid unnecessary car accessories in your new car.