799 cc Renault KWID car prices increased up to RS 6,572

After 1000cc KWID launch , Renault has increase prices of 799 cc KWID models

Renault has increased the prices of its 799 cc KWID car models after the launch of 1000 cc KWID (1.0 litre ) this week.The new prices for the ‘old 0.8 L Engine KWID’ has been increased between RS 2,621 – RS 6,572 for 0.8 STD models to 0.8 RXT (O) KWID models.There has been , however , no increase in the prices of 1000cc KWID which was launched this week.The powerful KWID is available in 2 variants RXT and RXT(O) having a price of RS 3.83 lakhs and 3.96 lakhs at ex Show Rooms in Delhi respectively.

The base variant price of 799 cc Renault KWID has been increased by RS 3000.Similarly the top KWID variants RXT and RXT (O) whose earlier price was 3.57 lakhs and 3.67 lakhs are now 3.61 lakhs and 3.74 lakhs.In aggregate sale of Renault’s all KWID variants ,  70% share is occupied by its top variants RXT and RXT (O).Both these variants have got a hike of RS 3,572 and RS 6,572 in prices.This is the 2nd hike in KWID price in India after 1 per cent infra cess on small cars below 1200 cc was slapped in General Budget 2016.

NEW Prices of KWID 799cc Cars in India

Variant Old Price (INR) Current Price (INR) Price Increase(INR)
0.8 STD 2,62,113 2,64,734 2,621
0.8 RXE 2,98,422 3,01,406 2,984
0.8 RXL 3,23,279 3,26,512 3,233
0.8 RXT 3,57,204 3,60,776 3,572
0.8 RXT  (O) 3,67,204 3,73,776 6,572