ABS and Airbag in Cars : How does it Work ?

How Airbags and ABS aid in car safety !

The use of ABS and Airbags have become an important in terms of road safety and even Government of India is taking strict actions to implement them.

We all know accidents  might be fatal and the ABS have been found to reduce the number of accidents by as high as 20%.Let us find out in this post what exactly is ABS and Airbags and How does it work ?

This is how an airbag works in cars

Airbag in Cars - Working Animation

In terms of safety airbag has been found to be very important.No wonder , It has now been asked to be implemented this essential safety feature in standard versions of cars by the Government of India.

In case of accidents , it is the front seat passengers – including the driver , who receives maximum fatal injuries.The Airbags on the driver side and passenger side helps to reduce deaths to a great extent.

Airbags , like the other components of your car also need a replacement.The components that are used in Airbags functioning system are very robust but a-lot of it depends on Airbag Ingiter.

Airbag open at a speed of 322 kmph which , however , has also caused some accidents..

Working of Airbag

Airbag Mechanism in Cars

When ever there is a collision , the airbags , open just before the accident.In this case , airbags take less than a second to open as it is guided by a sensor which instructs airbags to open.

The airbags system on receiving the command activates the inflate mechanism.

The inflate mechanism on impact mixes with Sodium Azide (NaN3) and produces Nitrogen Gas and this gas gets filled in to the airbag.

When ever a crash happens , the vehicle either gets an impact collision or  overturns .In both cases it is the Airbag which comes in between the body and jerk , thus saving a human life.

What is ABS and How it works ?

ABS Working in Cars - Animation

ABS is also another safety term in cars that you might have heard more often while buying a car.ABS means Anti Lock Braking System.The chances of car accidents has been found to be reduced by 20% if the vehicle is equipped with ABS functionality.This is a global finding that has been proved in several auto researches and studies.

working of ABS

ABS safety feature prevents abrupt locking of wheels which in turn lets the driver not lose control of vehicle , in case of emergency braking.The car without skidding or being uncontrolled changes path and stops to a halt.

If you can increase your budget for car a-bit-more , you must go for ABS equipped variants because this saves your life.People generally travel on a high-way and in that case Airbags become very necessary.On a high speed when braking is applied , ABS system , also becomes an essential feature to go for.