Agra car buyers need to have a garage before owning a new car

Agra Vehicle owners need to construct a garage before buying a car

Now, in Agra it is mandatory for car buyers to have own garage or a slot in a parking area in order to get their vehicles registered with the Road Transport Authority (RTA). The residents of Agra need to provide valid documents exacting proofs about having a car garage or a parking space for their car.

In fact, this decision has been taken by Taj Trapezium Zone Authority (TTZA) during a meeting to ensure that the air emissions remain within prescribed norms for the safety of the Taj Mahal. As per this decision, vehicles shall not be allowed to be parked haphazardly at public parks or on the roads.

Agra is the 19th most polluted city of the country that is really a matter of concern. According to the Divisional Commissioner of Agra, strong measures need to be taken in order to bring down air pollution in the Taj Trapezium Zone. For this, the famous Petha industry has also been instructed to switch over to natural gas. The hot mix plants in Mathura have already been directed to shut down.