Auto Transmission Cars biggest advantages and problems in India

With the arrival of new Automatic Manual Transmission cars in India the difference between the price of manual and amt cars have been continuously decreasing.This has resulted in more people preferring AMT cars.These cars have not only made driving experience stress free but also an enjoyable ride. But Auto Transmission Cars in India like the other parts of the world has its own pros and cons which we will discuss in this post.

What favours AMT popularity

AMT cars deliver stress free driving experience in heavy rush hours

The city population in India is opting for AMT car option because the traffic on the road is ever increasing and this kind of car lets you get rid of pressing the clutch very often.The new breed of AMT cars now also come with an improved mileage which was until recently a bottle neck in their performance.On the price front the AMT cars can be well purchased by any budget car seeking individual.

In Automatic Transmission enabled cars you are not required to change gear.This kind of car self-change gears as per the requirement of speed and a person does not have to worry about gear change.The element of comfort is delivered when you are on a long drive due to less feat movement.

Boon for less Skilled Drivers

The first time drivers or for drivers with less experience it is a trouble to handle clutch and gear

The other important point is that Auto Transmission Cars come handy when roads are leaner and uneven.The first time drivers or for drivers with less experience it is a trouble to handle clutch and gear. In this case AMT cars have been proved to be beneficial.The other interesting fact of automatic manual cars is that drivers do not need to press clutch when shifting gears.

What are AMT Cars biggest drawbacks

Taking pass from a vehicle with amt transmission is very troublesome job

Besides so many advantages there are some problems associated with AMT cars too ! Unlike manual transmission where you have got full control to utilize power to speed up the car , the auto transmission cars , seems under powered when it comes to speed.The servicing and maintenance of servicing amt cars is costly. Automatic Manual Transmission cars take more time in gear shifting i.e. they take some seconds to actually apply gear change.The gear shifting is a visual change and you can actually see the lever going to appropriate number.

In traffic , the amt cars , are found to consume more fuel unlike free way.

Under automatic transmission system , the gear change happens as per the engine speed so when you are in a heavy traffic the engine does not get a chance to speed up.This results in running in low gear modes consequently affecting fuel efficiency of cars.

The other weird problem you face with an auto transmission enabled car is you experience trouble in overtaking vehicles on the road.Because while in a manual system you can use appropriate gear to overtake but in amt ones you lack of required power to overtake.