Basic Tips to increase mileage of any car

In the time of this rising inflation, people prefer a car that gives more mileage. After buying the vehicle, if there is no proper maintenance then its mileage gets affected. Find tips, how to increase the mileage of your car:

Keep Distance on road

Avoid frequent pressing of accelerator to save fuel

While driving a vehicle, keep regular distance from another vehicle and try to avoid sudden stop, because there is more fuel consumption by the sudden increase in the accelerator.  

Tire Pressure-Gear effect on Mileage

Low air pressure in tyres decreases fuel efficiency

If the air in the tire is not right then the mileage is also affected. On low air, mileage is also reduced, keep checking the air from time to time.

AC affects Mileage of Car

Avoid air conditioner use to increase fuel efficiency by 10%

Driving the car with AC on, the fuel consumption of the car increases up to 10 percent as the load on the engine increases when the AC compressor works. Therefore, use AC only when you need it. Before leaving the house, you should fix the route once, because by the excessive signal, fuel consumption is increased.

Drive Car with Windows Up

Running Car with open windows adversely affects mileage in cars

Keep the window closed, while driving the car. Because the load is increased on the engine by filling the air inside the car, and it increases fuel consumption.To increase life of the engine, keep the air filter always clean. Keep changing its filter in time.

Use correct gear to increase fuel efficiency

Wise use of gear shift increase fuel efficiency in cars

At the same time, take care of gear, and always drive the car on the right gear, because fuel consumption is increased while pressing the accelerator in lower gear.

Apart from these, car service must be done according to the company’s instructions.