Bike or Scooter Which one should you buy ?

Buy a bike or a scooter !

There was a time when youngsters in India preferred to buy bikes and scooters were no where in their  preference.The scooters at that time were considered a buy of ‘family class’ people.But since the entry of gearless scooters in the Indian market scenarios have much changed.

The then ‘not so fancy’ scooters started becoming youths favorites.No doubt the craze for bikes are still intact but there are many people who are confused whether they should buy a scooter or a motor cycle.This post is going to answer this question.

Scooters have gone better and reformed but you can only drive them inside the city and on a highway it does not seem to work that efficiently.In contrast a bike is kind of hybrid system which is usable in both city and highway conditions.There are bike available from smaller to much powerful engines.The mileage of bikes are normally better than scooters.

Advantages and Drawbacks of buying a scooter

A long range of options is available for scooter buyers in India.The segment is ruled by Honda followed by TVS , Hero , Yamaha and Suzuki.The new generation scooters are being launched with updated features and smooth handling.They are very easy to ride for people of all ages which is a big advantage of scooter.Moreover the scooter has under seat storage feature which a bike does not have.The wider seats in scooters lets you enjoy the ride.

On the downside if you require more power you get a disappointed.The scooters are not ‘ racing machines ‘ and they have trouble with high speed.On an average a bike is made to operate within 40-50 kmph speed limit unlike the speedy bikes.

If we compare the engines , scooter are available with 100 cc to 150 cc with 100 cc being more popular over the former.Also , scooters deliver less mileage than bikes even when companies claim it to be better.More so , for long drives scooters are not that useful.

Advantages and Drawbacks of buying a bike

As far as Indian auto industry is concerned there are multiple choices for different segments in bikes depending upon a buyers choice and requirement.Bikes are considered more comfortable than scooters in general.They have got more styles and handling and riding is way better than scooters.

The bigger tyres in bikes have a benefit on the roads with a firm grip.The vehicle is stable even at a speed of 60-7o kmph.Although for a better safety , longer engine life and mileage we suggest to keep the speed between 50kmph.The highways prove no hurdles to a bike and you can opt a bike if you work needs you to be frequent on highways.

It is also a point to be noted that the bikes with powerful engine require more maintenance as well.