Chevrolet Optra Magnum

Chevrolet has launched its new optra Magnum in the Indian market recently. Chevrolet is known for its fabulous designs and performance of car according to the customer’s satisfaction. In this way its new optra Magnum also achieved the satisfactory result from the car users. Its special feature is the most awaited diesel version in Chevrolet Optra.

Engine & Fuel Efficiency

Its greatest significance is this direct injection engine. Its full configuration can be represented as Turbo charged Common Rail Direct injection. This 2.0L, 16V TCDi engine generates a torque of 314Nm at 2125rpm and 120.5PS at 3000rpm. The performance of the car can be fairly understood from this ideal condition of the car at domestic purpose.

The speed with maximum of 190kmph can be reached. Also it will reach the 0-100kmph in 0-10 seconds. Thus the accelerating capacity is tremendous in Chevrolet optra. This car also manages to provide a mileage of around 14kmpl. The gear system is considered to be soft and smooth unlike the petrol Optra.

Another marvelous design related to performance is the 5 speed transmission as it is only developed in the new Optra Magnum.The exterior part shows us the aerodynamic design. Its structure and sharp cutting is very pleasant to watch. Like the exterior, the interior design also delivers excellent piece of work from the professionals of the Chevrolet family.

Interior Features

The tilt steering arrangement with additional lumbar support makes the driver more relaxed during the ride.The back seat has also comes with 60:40 split facility for the optimal usage of the space. There are many new things implemented when comparing with the Optra’s petrol edition.The size of the car especially the length has increased and the clearance from the ground has been reduced. The front end of the new Optra will be like the SR-V front end.The mirror mounted indicators and the doors have changed from the petrol optra. Besides that the ride with very comfortable and make us ready for any kind of rides.


Optra magnum price is between 8.75lakhs to 10lakhs in Indian car market.