CNG Kit based Scooters launched as a trial project in India

CNG based scooter launched in India

CNG scooters are being assumed to help in reducing the air pollution in Indian cities.The government of India has given a green nod to a pilot project related to CNG based 2-wheelers.On an event at New Delhi , the project was formally inaugurated the project by waving a green flag to 10 CNG based scooters.The government aims to curb the rising air pollution in Indian cities expecially Delhi where there are already 55 lakhs scooters.

The CNG Kit based scooters will not only produce 75% less Hydro Carbons unlike the other 2-wheelers but also more economical to the common masses.The expected cost to get a scooter fitted with this CNG  kit is about RS 15,000.The scooter will deliver 120 Kms of Journey on a full tank.The cost on fuel will be even lesser at 50 paisa per kilometer.

The CNG kit in this scooter consists of 2 cylinders with a capacity of 1 KG each.The scooters added with CNG kit are manufactured by M/s Ituk Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd.The type approval of the CNG kit has been taken from Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) as well as Transport Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi.

In a study it was revealed that scooters are responsible for 30% air pollution in Delhi.The CNG scooter will emit 20%  lesser carbon monoxide than the scooters.The initiative has been started as joint initiative of IGL in association with dominos where 50 dominos scooters fitted with CNG kits will ply on Delhi roads testing the feasibility.