Cut-rate Mahindra Mojo’s with single exhaust and thinner tyres under-testing


Mahindra, the famous vehicle maker of India, is known for its excellence in bikes. No wonder, vehicles of Mahindra are very much liked by people. Recently, information has been received that Mahindra is working on the cheap edition of its bike – the Mahindra Mojo.It will get single exhaust and thinner 140 section unit tyres.There are rumours that this varint may have fuel injection with carburettor to keep the price down.The bike has a 21 litre fuel tank.

In such a scenario, it can be launched soon. It is being said that this is the cheapest version of the Mahindra Mojo, which will be launched in a new form soon. Recently, the news of testing of Mahindra’s bike Mahindra Mojo has been revealed. The pictures of this bike are also spotted in which the bike has been seen, in which its design has been detected.

The new cheaper version of Mahindra Mojo looks like a production model. The same can be seen in its pictures.The photographs revealed that there will be many premium features in the new model.

It may include a thin rear tire black out swingarm. The bike may come with the carburettor instead of the fuel injection system and MRF square tire replaces Pirelli tires as well. In addition, front disc brake caliper can also be given instead of a regular caliper. Although, no information has been got about the date of its launch as well as price.

The existing Mahindra Mojo bike has a price around Rs 173,300 and it is assumed the new variant will have a price around RS 1,50,000.