DDL-Tata Power Delhi EV Charging Stations to cost around Rs 42 to fully charge vehicle

DDL-Tata Power Delhi EV Charging Stations

If you are excited by the developments of Electric Vehicles in India and planning switch over to electric car then this news might be for you.

According to DDL , the electric vehicles will need to pay Rs 5.50 / Unit for electricity at the Charging Stations to charge their vehicles.In an average estimate , 6-8 electricity Units are required to fully charge an electric vehicle.In this way , to make a travel of 100 kilometres you will need to spend Rs 42 with your electric car / vehicle.

Delhi Distribution Limited is responsible for providing infrastructure for charging  in the India’s capital and a joint venture of Government of Delhi and Tata Power.

Currently , Delhi has Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Rohini , Delhi University , Pitampura , Shalimar Baag and Model Town.The firm plans for setting up more charging stations when the number of electric vehicles increase.

Considering the pollution levels in Delhi , the Government , is expected to promote electric vehicles in the capital.Delhi Distribution Limited is planning to install 1,000 electric charging stations in Delhi in next 5 years.