Delhi Govt. revokes ban on retro-fitting of CNG kits for two-wheelers

CNG Kit fitted Honda Activa Scooters

The Transport Department of Delhi Government has approved the CNG kit fitment (retrofitting) in the base model of the Euro-3 Activa scooty. After installing a CNG kit in the scooter, the cost of one kilometre will be 65 to 70 paise. At present, running scooter on petrol costs about Rs 1.5 (one and a half rupees).                             

The transport department has approved the CNG kit for the Euro-3 Activa scooty, should be manufactured between April 1, 2010 and March 31, 2016. In addition, for Euro-4 standard scooters, the CNG kit will come in the market till December.Delhi Government had started trial of scooters retrofitted with CNG kits in Nov 2016. The round-about Honda Activa CNG kit price is around RS 15,000.

According to the news, the cost of installing CNG kit in the registered two – wheelers will be Rs 15 thousand. ITUK Director Shri Ram M Bhatt said that this is being negotiated with the banks.Two cylinders of CNG will be placed on both sides of the front of the diggy in Activa scooty.

It is being said that after this change, the next diggy in the scooty will not work. One kg CNG of two – wheelers is expected to run 65 to 70 km. At present, the price of CNG in Delhi is Rs 39.71 per kg.