Dubai Police uses $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador as patrol car

Lamborghini Aventador Dubai Patrol Car

Dubai is in the news again after Eeco Dubai car but this time for the most expensive Lamborghini Aventador car. The Dubai police is ready for patroling on their new 700-hp Lamborghini Aventador car.The car was recently spotted driving outside Dubai Mall, the world’s biggest shopping centre.The car was painted in green-and-white colors of the Dubai force.Lamborghini Aventador is known to accelerate 0-60 in a just three seconds.

As we all know Lamborghini is an expensive car which comes with a price tag of around $400,000.The car can speeds of up to 349km/h and has been put in the class of super cars.In its fleet of cars the Dubai police is also expecting to add American Camaros cars.The car would patrol in tourist areas to show the “class” of Dubai as quoted by police sources.