‘Flying Cars’ may soon be a ‘reality’ in India

Flying Cars may be a 'reality' in 2-3 years in India

Your dreams to fly in air with your car will soon be a reality in India.The Netherlands-based company Pal-V Europe NV is planning to commercially launch world’s first ‘flying car’ which can run on the roads as well as fly in air.

The company also plans to launch this ‘2 seater’ flying hybrid car called ‘Pal V1’ in India in two to three years.’People in the India can reserve a vehicle for the limited edition now’says the company.

It is interesting to know that with a ‘flying car’, like this, one does not have to face traffic jams.You can fly over a barricade , canals , mountains or highrise buildings.The time it takes to land or take off is just ’10 minutes’.

A flying car in India however will need some licenses , apart from your driving license , like sports pilot license.The dutch flying car make is currently making 90 Pal-V One out of which 25 units have been alotted to North America.

The cost of flying car Pal-V One is 6 lakhs dollars which amounts to more than 4 crores in INR.The speed of this flying car is 180 km/h.According to CEO of Pal-V Europe NV , Robert Dingemanse , ‘People are very much excited about the Pal-V One helicycle’.The concept of flying car , in fact , was first mooted by ‘The Jetsons’ – an American animated sitcom produced by Hanna-Barbera some 50 years ago.

This flying car will have a 230 HP 4 cylinder engine which will use petrol as a fuel.The car can take a flight up to a height of 4000 feet.The car’s 27 galon tank on a ‘full tank’ make you travel up to a distance of 220 kilometres.The same amount of fuel will let you cover a distance of 1207 kms by road.

The flying car Pal-V One isa made of carbon,titanium and aluminum and its weight is 620 kgs.The flying car will need a runway of 540 feet to ‘land’ on surface.

"We only have a maximum of 5 units available for India of the limited edition version," said the company.Netherlands-based company  has said that the government institutions, hospitals and the tourism sector in India has shown interests in its up-coming product.