Ford Announces Driverless , Steering less Car by 2021

The Common features of a driverless automatic car

In the next five years Ford cars will go driverless and steering less.The announcement recently came from the company’s Silicon Valley office.Ford is , in fact,  eying on launching completely driverless automatic cars on the roads by the year 2021.

In the first phase these cars will be used on commercial level to ferry passengers,Later on these cars will be open for the customers to buy.While Ford will continue to work towards Advanced Driver Assistance Systems like predictive emergency braking system and auto lane change , the company has set its strategy for a big leap towards production and development of automatic cars.

Ford has the technologies which can make the dreams of millions of people across the world  come true about autonomous vehicles’ , says the CTO of Ford Raj Nair

The new ‘future’ move by Ford will add new challenges for other car companies like Tesla Motors and Mercedes Benz who are planning a gradual shift in making their conventional car models to automatic.More heat is about to generate in the car segment with companies like BMW,Intel,Mobile Eye announcing their plans as well for automatic cars by 2021.

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