Fully Hybrid Maruti Swift Hybrid version like to deliver a mileage of 32 kmpl

Fully Hybrid Maruti Swift Hybrid version

The best car Swift of Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki, was very much liked in India. Some time back, the company has also launched the hybrid version of the Swift. According to the reports, a glimpse of this car has seen a few days back in India, however it is also being said that testing of this car is going on in India.

The Swift car has been launched in two variants – SG and SL. This car is currently only launched in Japan. Suzuki has given this car a 1.2- liter petrol engine with 91 Hp power, which is connected to the 5- speed gear shift gearbox.

Do not confuse it with the SHVS Mild Hybrid used in the new Swift. This is a completely hybrid car, which can be switched from petrol to EV mode. 

There will be two drive modes in the new hybrid, which are designed to give the driver comfort in EV and petrol mode. The new Swift is capable of delivering a mileage of 32 kmpl, as the company claims. Its weight is lighter than the current Swift. New Hybrid Swift weighs less than 1000 kg.

The new Swift Hybrid has a 1.2- liter petrol engine. It has 10 Kw Motor Generator Unit (MGU) and 5- Speed Auto Gear Shift (AGS) gearbox. This engine generates maximum power of 91 Hp. 

The major highlight of this car is that when the car is running in traffic or moving slowly, the hybrid system of this car automatically closes the combustion engine and starts EV driving. Moreover, camera and laser sensors are installed in this car to keep track of people walking on the road.