Green Car from IIT-BHU uses solar , diesel and biodiesel !

Green Car from IIT-BHU uses solar , diesel and biodiesel !

IIT BHU in India has developed a solar operated car which it claims ‘ready for commercial production’ in coming months.Interestingly the car will come with hybrid fuel options like diesel and bio-diesel.The car’s electrical system is connected with the solar panel mounted on its roof which power’s the solar car’s battery.The panel is able to generate 180 watts of solar energy which it uses for ignition , head lights and fans.The car will not get heated due to the solar panel as it is cleverly fitted on the roof..In fact the also features an ac.The design of the car helps retain the cooling for a longer duration of time.

In this current version the car ,however, is not generating enough power .As a result it has been supported with other fuel options – diesel and bio-diesel.The car in fact needs 400 kilo watts of power which is possible with high-capacity solar panels.The car has a low consumption of fuel and being a bio-fuel , it is cheaper as well.As far speed is concerned it will have same mileage as the other cars in the market.The mixture of need and castor oil will make the bio-diesel for this car as the University quotes.

There was no official information about the mileage of the car as the Tata Motor’s supported project is still going through tests.

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