Hard to swallow ! But this bike runs on just water

Ricardo Azevedo , a person in Brazil , has invented a bike which uses just 1 litre of water to travel a distance of 500 KM

Rising fuel prices have even made bike riders life no more a pocket friendly affair.But , someone, in the world has got a fix .Yes ! a person named ‘Ricardo Azevedo’ of Brazil has created a bike which runs on water.

He calls this bike ‘Moto Power H20’ and the bike has a miracle mileage of 500 KMPL where the type of fuel is water.The bike does not require any ‘specific or treated kind of water’ , the developer claims.The bike’s tank can even be filled with any river water or even polluted water.

The water propelled bike’s design is based around a car battery and water.The electricity produced by the battery separates the hydrogen molecules in water which then travels to the hydrogen engine delivering the required power to run the bike.Unlike the ‘normal’ bikes we see , this one , is completely eco-friendly as only water vapor comes out in its exhaust.

As trends are to be studied ,several car makers are keen to release vehicles based on this principle because as we know Hydrogen is the most abundant element on earth.

Whether the bike will see a market release is still questionable , as hydrogen is a very flammable gas,  and the manufacturers will need to furthers research on the safety aspect of such fuels.