Highest mileage Car ‘Alterno’ was developed with just RS 70,000

1852 KM/L Alterno is not only the highest mileage Car but perhaps the cheapest too

The uncertain fate of petrol prices is one reason why most of the people in India. like to buy high mileage cars.Every one likes to have his car run for many days on a single liter of petrol.Now this seems to a tough dream right !.Well not for BHU guys in India.The students at Banaras Hindu University has developed a car which can deliver 1852 kilometers in just 1 liter of petrol.Theybhave named it ‘Alterno’.

‘Alterno’ is an electric car as well which uses battery to run.The car was seen at Shell Eco-marathon at Manila’s Car event.Alterno V2.0 ,as the new update is called, is fitted with a 12 volt battery.The car uses 1 unit of electricity to cover a distance of 96.96 at a speed of 10km/h.The max speed of Alterno concept car is 35km/h.The battery takes two and a half hour to fully charge itself.

The development cost of this car is a just RS 70,000 .There are 3 wheels in this car 2 at the front and 1 at the rear side.The length of the car is 285 cms , width is 100cms while height is 80cms.The car has a total weight of 80 kgs.

The car ‘Alterno’ by BHU is the highest mileage car till yet.In its segment it is 100 times more fuel efficient than Mahindra Reva EVO (120km/l) , Tata Nano (23km/l) and Maruti Alto CNG which gives 30.46 km/litre.