Honda’s mini bike ‘Navi’ register a decline in sales

Honda Navi Sales is falling in India

Honda launched its ambitious lightweight mini bike – the Navi in February 2016. After launch, in the first year, this mini bike has tremendous sales figures. However, the sales of this mini bike has now declined.Recently , a 125 cc mini bike Honda Monkey was showcased at the 2017 Vietnam Motor Show , not to forget , Honda Navi is based on this bike’s platform.

In fact, sales of this bike declined every month, and in the month of April only 284 units were sold. Honda had sold 50,000 units of Navi till October last year. But from then, the company has only sold 10 thousand units till March.

Inspired by Honda Grom, the 110 cc Navi was being seen as a game changer in the Indian market. This unique and special kind of bike was made entirely in India.

This year, the sales of Honda Navi were 2052 units in January, 1180 units in February, 503 units in March and only 284 units in April. Recently, two new variants of Honda Navi have been launched – Chrome edition and Adventure edition, which can be customized in different colours.