Hyundai permanently ceases Santa Fe SUV sales in India due to losses

Hyundai discontinues Santa Fe in India

Hyundai has stopped selling Santa Fe cars in India. South Korean carmaker Hyundai introduced Santa Fe SUV at  the 2014 auto expo. According to the dealers, this car will now be made available on one – to – one basis order. 

This car has been discontinued in India because of low demand. According to the reports, Hyundai had only sold 14 units of this car in July 2017, while in August 2017, its only one unit sold.   

In the last six months, the company had sold only 67 units of its most popular SUV. Whereas, rival companies of Hyundai like the Toyota Fortuner sold 2,116 units and the Ford Endeavour sold 1,163 units in August 2017.

According to the report, the Santa Fe failed to attract Indian buyers in the premium SUV segment. Hyundai can offer a new product to replace the SUV in India which can be the new Hyundai Kona.