Iconic Lambretta Scooter makes a comeback with 3 new models


The iconic Labretta scooters has made a comeback in Italy.

The Indian fans of Lambretta ,however , has to wait till 2019

The Italian scooter manufacturer launched this scooter in 3 new models.The news about the Lambretta’s comeback was revealed at the Milan Motor Show.

According to the information , the scooter  was unveiled in new models namely V50 Special , V 125 Special and V200 Special.

It is to be noted that the scooter was a popular product in India between 1950-1990 but due to some financial problems the company vanished from the global market.

Now , the new series of Lambretta scooters will be manufactured in Taiwan and by 2018 it will begin to re-establish itself in Europe.

The newly launched Lambretta models have elements of both classic and modern architectures.

There are two kinds of fixed fender and flexed fender in all 3 models namely V50 Special , V 125 Special and V200 Special.

The V50 Special , the smallest among all , gets 49cc air-cooled engine producing 3.4 BHP power and 3.4 Nm torque.The scooters have been equipped with 12 volt charging socket.The V200 Special model has received Bosch ABS.

The modern Lambretta scooters seems a perfect blend of classic design and technology.The Italian manufacturer will be entering Indian market by 2018.The determination of pricing will be a key factor about its success in India.