Indian Government gearing up to use Electric Cars for its fleet


Indian Prime Minister is keen to use electric cars to lower the pollution as well as send a message to the public.According to sources it is being said that Government of India will soon create a fleet of electric cars for VVIP’s and Ministers.There are assumptions that the plan may get a start from November this year and tenders have already been floated.

In terms of average fuel consumption India comes 3rd and Government is making efforts to improve this figure.According to the news , Indian Government is planning to buy around 10,000 electric vehicles which would be of sedan type.In this regard approximately 4,000 charging stations would be setup in Delhi , the capital of India.In the initial step 1, 000 EV’s would be imported and the end lot would be of remaining 9,000 electric cars.

According to the proposals received by the government.It has been said that there would be purchase of 4-seater cars which will have a top speed between 120-150 kmph.Out of the first lot of 1,000 cars , 400 units will be employed for the services of ministers.The Government will have to take care on maintenance , vehicle and the driver.

The Go Green fleet is also expected to do the savings for the government.Currently , there are 1% electric cars in the world and by 2030 this is expected to rise up-to 30%.