India’s first electric vehicle charging station starts in Nagpur

India's first electric vehicle charging station starts in Nagpur

The country’s first electric vehicle charging station has been started at Nagpur in Maharashtra. Initially, four charging stations have been installed here, the capacity of each station is to charge 200 vehicles of different size and shape. At the same time, at these stations, super charger for fast charging and battery swapping unit have been installed too.

Electric cars will be much cheaper than diesel and petrol cars

A total of 200 electric cars have been added to the electric taxi fleet operating in Nagpur, which includes 100 Mahindra e2o plus cars. The Mahindra e2o plus can be charged from super charger in 1 hour and 15 minutes. On full charge, it takes 37 units. It costs Rs 6 per unit. In this way, at 37 units, the cost will be around Rs 225.

After full charge, the Mahindra e2o Plus will travel 110 kilometers. In this way, its driving cost will be Rs 2 per kilometer. And undoubtedly, this cost is less than both diesel and petrol cars. It is noteworthy that in this case, it is better than two- wheelers.  

E-Autos and electric buses will also start after cars

In addition to Mahindra e2o Plus, E-Rickshaw has been included in the electric taxi fleet. Apart from these, E-Autos and electric buses are currently under trial. It is expected that they will soon be included in the fleet of electric vehicles. Fast chargers will also be used for electric buses and E-Autos like Mahindra e2o Plus.

For E-Rickshaw, instead of charging the discharge battery, it can be replaced. With a full battery charge, E-Rickshaw travels approximately 80 kilometers, and it takes about 3 hours to charge its battery.