India’s Innovative Uber-Cool e-bike Spero opens for 2nd round of bookings

Generatl architecture of India's first e-bike Spero

India’s indigenously developed e-bike is organizing 2nd round of bookings via its official ‘crowd funding platform’ The ‘desi’ invention got accolades from the masses when it was launched with a unique idea of ‘crowd funding’ for the first time in India.Do not misjudge its capabilities as the hi-tech electric bike is equipped with cruise control, password protection and pedal assist and regeneration .In the first round of campaign ‘Milltex Engineers’  managed to raise Rs 38 lakh with over 100 bookings in India.

Encouraged by the first round of response from the people across India , the company has launched the second campaign of the Spero.The electric cycle can run with electric throttle apart from the manual pedalling.Three key people from Milltex Engineers Private Limited  – S Manikandan, Supriya Paul and Mothilal have contributed to the development of this electric bike.

E30, E60 and E100 are the 3 versions this e-bike has been launched in.The price of this bike ranges between Rs 29,900 to 50,900  across these 3 models.While E30 delivers 30 km distance on a full battery charge , the other two deliver 60 kilometers and 100 kilometers respectively.The Indian e-bike has been fitted with a detachable 48V lithium-ion battery which can be charged from 20 % to 80% in 4-6 hours.The 1 year warranty on battery weighs 2.7kg to 3.7kg across the different versions.The green e-bike does not need a vehicle registration as it is fitted with a 250w motor.The headlights and carriers are being sold as accessories in this bike.The battery is mounted at the center of the e-bike’s body frame and a regular 5-amp socket is battery enough to charge this battery.

Spero not only happens to be the first e-bike to be launched with ‘crowd funding model’ but also the first one to have collected a sum of Rs 40 lakhs even before its launch.The e-bike can accelerate to 25 km/h in 0-10 seconds.The other best part of this bike is that its tires can be repaired at any nearby cycle shops.Moreover , it can also be pedaled as a regular bi-cycle.