IONIQ Plugin/EV Hybrid Car likely to see Indian shores in 2018

The terrific mileage car by Hyundai , its first hybrid car , IONIQ will arrive in India by the next year i.e. 2018.The compact 5-door hatchback IONIQ made its debut in South Korea January 2016 and has been perceived as a strong competitor of Toyota Prius.

IONIQ will arrive in India by the next year i.e. 2018

IONIQ car by Hyundai is the EPA’s most efficient vehicle.EPA is a fuel efficiency rating agency which works under US Goverment the way we have ARAI.

Hyundai claims that IONIQ delivers 174 miles (280 kms) on a single charge , however , the real world range has been witnessed around 110 miles (177 kms).Globally , the car currently competes with Nissan LEAF and BMW i3.

Hyundai IONIQ has been available in Europe in 3 variants the Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid and All Electric.

The IONIQ Hybrid’s electric motor works together with the petrol engine when you pull away or come to a standstill. It smoothly improves fuel consumption and lowers emissions in start/stop city driving, while providing an extra kick of power and torque if required.

The IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid can travel up to 39 miles on electric power, which covers most day-to-day trips. On longer trips, the electric motor works intelligently with the petrol engine to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions, or offer more performance.

For pure, zero-emission driving, the fully electric powertrain is this model’s trump card. Delivering a significant 120PS, its battery gives you over 130 miles of real-world range. Just as impressively, you can charge it to 80% in just 30 minutes.

According to Hyundai Motors India , IONIQ will be available in India via CKD route i.e. the units will be assembled in India.This way , Hyundai may be able to offer the car with an attractive pricing.The car will be available in price segment between Rs 25-30 lakhs.

Talking about the engine ,the IONIQ Hybrid version has Hybrid 1.6 GDi engine + 32kW Electric Motor with 6 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission (141PS) delivering 139 Brake Horse Power.The Plugin Hybrid variant has 44.5kW Electric Motor while All-EV has Electric 28kWh Battery + 88kW Electric Motor and Single Speed Reduction Gear (120PS) with 118 HP horse power.