LM 847 with 90 mph top speed is worlds fastest 4-Tyre Bike

4 tyred Lazareth LM 847 with 90mph (150kmpl) top speed has a very quick acceleration using 470 HP engine

You may have seen many luxury sports and cruise bikes, but there is a new bike in the market now, in front of which many expensive sports bikes get faded. The name of this bike is – Ludovic Lazareth LM 847. This bike is very attractive and the fastest as well.

The major highlight of this bike is its 4-tyre. The bike is equipped with 4-tyre. At the same time, the bike is powered by a 4.7- liter, V8 Maserati engine, which is considered as an extremely powerful engine. The top speed of this bike is 340 km. The company had showcased this bike at the 2016 Geneva Motors Show.     

This bike is fitted with a 4700 cc engine, which generates 470 PS of maximum power along with 620 Nm of peak torque. This engine is equipped with single speed ??Viscous clutch automatic transmission.

For your information, the Viscous clutch system is engineered to give even more power to the engine. After this, it becomes the fastest bike. In the bike, ABS has been given and in the front tires a dual 420 mm piston disc and a buyl-style rim- mounted brake have been given.

This Monster bike is 2.6 meters long and weighs 400 kilograms. Bike chassis is made from polymer and carbon fiber. At the front, the company has installed LED headlamps. The estimated cost of this bike can be $ 217,000.