Maruti Celario is the cheapest automatic transmission small car in India

Maruti Celario - The budget automatic transmission car India

Indian car major Maruti Suzuki India has launched its much awaited small budget small car Celerio with automatic manual transmission.The car has been made available in 7 attractive colors.Celerio’s price has been set between 3.90 – 4.96 lakhs.The car comes with K10 Next engine , an improvement over the regular K10 engine.

The car has made it in the news for the reason that it is the first car that uses auto gear shift technology in small car segment in India.The current stats for automatic transmission cars on Indian roads is less than 5%.It is assumed that Celerio will increase this ratio.

For Celario model with auto gear shift you will need to spend Rs 4.29 lakh at minimum and Rs 4.59 lakh for the top model.This hybrid system will have both manual mode and auto drive mode in the same car on shifting a gear lever.

Currently the diffrence between automatic transmission cars vs manual transmission version is about Rs. 1.1 lakh.The automative transmission models of Zen and A-Star in the past have not been able to make a mark due to increased price and fuel average problem.

The 1 litre K-next engine of Celario has been able to deliver 23.1 kmpl and the average gets even better for automatic transmission mode.The budget automatic transmission version car will be helpful in trafiic.

Price List of Celario models (Delhi)

Celerio Model Metallic(INR) Non-Metallic(INR)
MARUTI CELERIO LXI 390000 390000
MARUTI CELERIO VXI 420000 420000
MARUTI CELERIO ZXI 450000 450000
MARUTI CELERIO ZXI (O) 496000 496000