Maruti Suzuki Wagon R new model 2017 images exposed on Internet

Leaked New Wagon R Model 2017

Maruti Suzuki will launch an updated Wagon R model in 2017. The photo of this new car was leaked in the Japanese online media. As seen in the photo above, this new car is looking quite different from the old Wagon R. At the same time, there are also many changes in the new Stingray.  

As seen in the photo, the design of new Wagon R is inspired from American SUV market of Suzuki’s designer. Indeed, the design of new Wagon R resembles American SUV to some extent. The headlamps of Wagon R remember us the Chevrolet Tahoe selling in the international market. The look of bumper is very bold. Now, wing mirror has been shifted to the door in place of pillar. At the same time, the look of Stingray has been completely changed too.   

However, there is no word on when the vehicles will launch in India. If the cars arrive in India, they require a little change in styling.