Nissan Datsun redi-Go price advertisement ‘misleading’ confirms regulatory body

Datsun redi-Go fined for misleading advertisement over the base price

Over the misleading price of Datsun redi-Go , the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Moto ,  has been validated up by the Consumer Complaint Council (CCC). The CCC (Consumer Complaint Council) is a part of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASIC).

In fact in an advertisement, Nissan Motor says its entry level car Datsun redi-Go begins from Rs 2.39 lakh. However, the ad regulator says the advertisement is misleading.The actual price of the car (New Delhi) is between Rs 2.54-Rs3.72 lakhs.      

As per ASIC’s recent statement, "The Datsun redi-Go advertisement is misleading by implication. The advertisement’s claim, ‘Datsun redi-GO starting from Rs 2.39 lakh’ was not substantiated with supporting evidence of genuine customers who have availed of this offer."

Here it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time the company has been penalized for its advertisement, the company was fined $ 20,000 earlier in the year of 2012 by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission for the same reason. 

The case of such misleading practices by car companies is not a lone one.Last year , Volkswagen in USA and Canada , was found to be involved in  “clean diesel” controversial ad.