Nissan Sunny Diesel

Nissan Sunny made quite a few curious heads go more curious with its launch. It soon became the talk of the town with the news of its launch rolling in. This sedan by Nissan ever since its launch is still scoring up on popularity charts. With its diesel variant now on floors Sunny has become more coveted than ever before. Prospective buyers of a budget friendly spacious sedan have turned their interest towards Sunny. So let’s move on to read more about this new ‘caaaar’ in the Nissan Sunny Diesel Review ahead.

Engine and technical specifications

Powered by a four cylinder SOHC 8 valves 1461 cc diesel engine, Nissan Sunny generates power of 85 Bhp at 3750 rpm and a torque of 20.4 kgm at 2000 rpm. There is power in the engine pulling but that spark a turbo diesel engine brings to a car is definitely missing. This sedan has got a 5 speed manual gearbox and weighs 1092 kilograms only, which is actually considered very light for a sedan.

There are options of both steel and alloy wheels in Sunny in XL and XV variants respectively. The size of the tyres is 186/70/R14 in the XL variant and 185/65/R15 in the XV variant. The front suspension is Mac Pherson strut type and the rear torsion beam. Both the suspensions put up a great job making the ride easy in terrain. The steering wheel is electric power assisted and the front brakes and rear brakes are ventilated discs and drum type respectively.

Exterior design

The Nissan Sunny is available in great colour choices. They are sapphire blue, brick red, onyx black, storm white, bronze grey and blade silver. The exterior of the Nissan Sunny clearly indicate towards its roomy interiors. From the outside itself one can guess that this car is going to offer ample space inside. The positioning and the design of the headlamps seems quite off-beat but pretty enticing at the same time. The bold chrome grille adds to the look of the car. The rear of the Sunny is large and adds that touch of a big bold sedan.

The designing of the sedan has been done carefully and with the main objective of making it appear bold and big. The door handles, body coloured bumpers and the rear view mirrors look clean and classy. The big and bold look of the car though doesn’t appeal one and all and many feel the car looks too bulky, especially for a city drive.


The interiors are pretty admirable in the Sunny. The front instrument panel and the console have been kept simple but look neat. A lot of plastic has been used which makes the look of the dashboard a little not so classy which could disappoint some buyers. The upholstery is done up in beige. The cup holders, glove box and other storage space for the knick knacks are given generously. There is terrific legroom in the Sunny as expected. The push start button has got illuminating red colour that looks beautiful.

The interiors of the petrol and diesel version of the Sunny look absolutely the same. The circular audio system has a beautiful look and the A.C controls have a sporty feel to them. The fabric upholstery is neither exciting and nor disappointing. The boot space has been compromised upon because of the most generous leg space. Although very satisfactory but the interiors, in a nutshell, might appear somewhat dull to some buyers and disappoint a bit. The windscreen glare from the dashboard also seems to be a problem with the car. The ABS, EBD, traction control system, ELR seat belts, central locking system, keyless entry and airbags for the driver and front passenger are all a part of the safety features of the Nissan Sunny Diesel.


Coming down to the performance of the Nissan Sunny Diesel, it highly impresses one and all with its mileage. As certified by ARAI, Nissan Sunny Diesel gives a city mileage of about 17.5 kmpl and highway mileage of a great 21.6 kmpl! Yes that’s what the company claims. The engine all in all is pretty smooth and the cabin is considerably quiet! The highway ride in the Nissan Sunny is definitely to look out for.

You will feel the power of its chunky steering wheel paving your way through highways and expressways confidently. The city drive is not so flattering. The engine pulling is pretty linear and the light weight of the car contributes heavily to its good performance. Although one must not expect a great sporty driving experience. Nevertheless the driving and handling is pretty decent.

Top Pros

  • Roomy interiors
  • Decent driving experience
  • Affordable price
  • Superb mileage

Top Cons

  • Bulky appearance
  • Average interiors
  • Less boot space


The Nissan Sunny Diesel has got all what it takes to win the hearts of a happy mid-size family. If you are looking to buy a diesel sedan with roomy interiors, decent drive in the city and enjoyable long drives on the highways along with an affordable price, go for Sunny!