Renault Eolab car may be Tata Pixel match in 100KMPL hybrid car

Eolab Hybrid Car by Renault also delivers 100KMPL mileage like Tata Megapixel

If you think that only Tata Megapixel hybrid delivers 100KMPL mileage then you need to update your information.Even French Automaker Renault had showcase its concept car which can deliver 100 KMPL mileage.Last year it had showcased this kind of car named ‘Eolab’ in an automobile exbition.

Eolab like Tata megapixel is also a hybrid car which is fitted with an electrical motor as well as a petrol engine.With the help of its engine it can travel upto a distance of 60 kilometers with zero emission while the rest half with small 6.7kWh lithium ion battery pack which is attached to the system.Top speed of this 100 kmpl car by Renault is 118.4 kilometer per hour.

In fact the engine of Renault Eolab has 1.0L petrol engine plus an electrical motor which provides it combined power of 74BHP and 67BHP.The torque it produces jointly is 200Nm and 141Nm respectively.The key reason for its excellent mileage is aerodynamic design coupled by low weight.The total kerb weight of this car is 1000 kilograms.

Renault Says that it is ready for its production but ‘since the market is not yet ready for hybrid cars’ it will launch this car by year 2022.The high mileage hybrid car uses steel,aluminum and other materials.Its roof is made up of magnesium.Renault claims that the car is very easy to drive.