Renault hopes to beat Alto and Eon with its small car Kwid


French carmaker Renault has Globaly launched its entry-level suv looking car name Kwid in India.The car’s price will be between 3 –4 lakhs.The 800CC petrol engine small car is expected to be available from Sept-November.The company has invested  2,000 crores in Renault Kwid car project.

Alto and Eon are the Rivals

Renault Kwid will have to compete against Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai in this segment.While Maruti’s Alto 800 price is between 2.83 to 3.4 lakh , the Hyundai’s Eon price in India is between 4.22 lakh to 3.09 lakh.The car maker already has a presence in the Indian car market in the hatchback segment with its Pulse model which has an an initial price of Rs 5.03 lakhs.Renault also sells the popular SUV Duster and MPV named Lodgy.

Looks and Features of Kwid

The car has a resemblance of a small suv  and is fitted with grill  bearing typical Renault trademark design and rectangular headlamps.It  has accommodation space for five people.It comes with an integrated entertainment system with 7 inch LCD screen.Renault Kwid  also comes with BlueTooth system like company’s Lodgy and Renault Duster models.While the facility of airbags is given in this car the presence of ABS is still not confirmed.

Engine,Mileage and Safety

The car claims to follow all the Indian car safety laws.Talking about the engine used in the car ,Renault claims it to be simple and applied with best knowledge.On mileage Kwid is claimed to be way-ahead with its competitors.

Comparative Prices of Small Cars in India

Model Price(in lakhs)
Alto 800 2.83-3.4
Hyundai Eon 3.09- 4.22
Tata Nano GenX 1.99-2.89
Kwid 3-4