Renault Kwid 2017 Special Edition ‘Live For More’ upgraded with Interior Changes

Renault Kwid 2017 Edition 'Live For More'

Renault Kwid has been launched with an upgraded Interior Edition version with the beginning of year 2017.The special edition of this best selling hatchback Renault car has been named ‘Live For More’.The new Edition of Renault Kwid has been introduced in 800cc and 1000cc versions.Keeping the price of this special edition car version competitive the company has set its base price at 2.93 lakhs.

The buyers can select manual as well as automatic versions in the car.This edition of Kwid has also been available in diesel and petrol variants.0.8L engine generates 54PS power at 72Nm toque and other version has received three cylinder 1.0L engine that outputs 67BHP power.The 5-speed manual and 1000cc Kwid engine produces 91Nm torque at max.

Some changes in the outlook has been made in this edition.This updated Edition of Kwid gets red stripes across bonnet,roof and sides which seems similar to the Redi-Go sports edition which was recently launched by Datsun.The car has also received red color highlighter on its wheel cover and front.The spoiler at the rear of  ‘Live For More’ Special edition of Kwid delivers it a sporty look.