Rolls Royce made its Smallest car model ‘SRH’ for this special purpose !

Rolls Royce made its smallest 'ever' car Rolls-Royce SRH especially for the surgery unit of Richard Hospital

The luxury car maker Rolls-Royce has launched the smallest car. This car has been made for patients in special hospital. The name of this smallest car is Rolls-Royce SRH. This car will take the children to the operating theater during the surgery.

The company has made this smallest car especially for the surgery unit of Richard Hospital. The wheels of the car is embedded in ‘RR’ logo. The car is powered by a 24-volt battery which can run at a maximum speed of 10 kilometers per hour. This Rolls-Royce car will be used to transport the children to the operation theater in the hospital.

The company claims that it is the smallest car in the auto history. The CEO of the company, Torsten Muller- Otvos, said, "We hope that the Rolls-Royce SRH will serve to make the experience for young people during treatment a little less stressful."

The name of this car ‘Rolls Royce SRH’ has been kept on the name of the hospital.