Tata Motors EV- Is company testing Nano Electric version

Tata Nano EV Electric Car

Car companies across the globe are working on the development of electric vehicles.Tata Motors also seems to have joined the race.Indian Government plans for all electric vehicles by year 2030 and it is really a matter of curiosity whether Nano can be successful in its new transformation or not.

There were rumours that Tata Motors is trying to bring back to life to its beloved car Nano.It is being said that Tata Nano will be available in electric version soon.This news has come despite reports that Tata may stop the production of petrol Nano.A leading business and financial news website Businessline broke a news that Tata Motors is secretly testing electric version of Nano.The news further said that the testing was being conducted at Coimbator.It was said that during the testing of EV , the visionary of Tata Nano – Ratan Tata, was himself present at the venue.Officially however , Tata Motors denied any such development.

If the news is true , Tata Motors will also join the development race of electric vehicles with this Nano.It is speculated that Tata Nano EV will be powered by electric motor driven by lithium ion battery.The electric variant of Tata Nano will be a direct rival to Mahindra E2A plus.Tata Motors electric vehicle may become the next big thing to Indian Auto Industry.The company may introduce economical electric vehicle in the form of newly reformed Nao.The compact design and being economical may be ideal platform for Nano Electric Vehicle Version.

According to auto experts Tata Nano Electric car project can turn the fortune for small cars in India.But much of it depends upon pricing structure by the Tata Motors.Mean while experts assume that in Auto Expo 2018 in New Delhi Tata can unveil the electric powertrain Nano.