Tata Nano Diesel seems more possible with 2-cylinder turbocharged engine

There is a buzz in the auto sector that Tata Nano Diesel model would be launched in 2014.The car’s production may start in February 2014 and that meaning it should be available for sale by April next year The speculations got support when the 2-cylinder turbocharged 800cc diesel details were published by Honeywell Turbo Technologies – a supplier to Tata Motors.The 0.8L Tata Nano Diesel engine will produce 41 BHP of power at 4000rpm and 94Nm of torque at 2500rpm.Nano diesel will make use of plastic fuel tank to curb the costs.

This would be the first time any car using 2-cylinder turbocharged diesel.Tata was already using 2-cylinder diesel to power its mini Ace Trucks but they were not using turbocharged feature.The turbocharged engine development has resulted in power boost by 25% , higher fuel efficiency and (lower) emission levels.It is expected that this Nano diesel engine may produce a mileage of 25kmpl.The price of Nano diesel will be 60,000 higher than the corresponding petrol version.There is also a plan to launch the CNG version of the car.

There were hurdles in developing such a small turbo charged engine because of compressor surge, oil leakage, high vibrations and high thrust load in this 2 cylinder car. With the rising prices of petrol there has been an increase in demand for diesel cars in India by almost 50%.The addition of Nano diesel and Nano CNG variants should revive Tata Motor’s falling sales created by Nano petrol version.