Tata working on compressed air low running cost car

Tata Air car will have an air engine using compressed air stored in a tank

The automobile companies, across the world, are focusing to make fuel efficient cars. Some companies are manufacturing electric cars and in such scenario, the renowned auto maker of the country, Tata Motors is planning to make air-powered car. The Tata Airpod car will run on compressed air.

According to reports, Tata Motors can launch this car in the next three years in the market. Tata is working on this new Airpod project in association with the Motor Development International (MDI).

The major highlight of this car is that you will be able to cover a distance of 200 kilometers in just Rs 70. Along with developing these futuristic cars, the company is stopping the damage to the environment and energy shortage. These cars will be significantly lighter than other cars (under 907 kg) and will be made of aluminum frame.

According to the President and Head at Advanced and Product Engineering of Tata Motors, Dr. Tim Leverton, "We are now at a point where we are starting industrialization of the project."  Although, the company has not revealed about the cost, features and speed of this air-powered car.  

It may also be noted in this regard that on , Green Car front , Tata is also planning to launch its hybrid car Tata Nano Pixel in India which will deliver 100 Kilometer mileage in one liter of petrol.