Tesla’s ‘new battery pack’ catapults electric cars in league of sports cars

New battery pack by Tesla will help its electric cars accelerate 0-100 kms in just 2.5 seconds

Can a battery operated car give a strong competition to a sports car ? Well Tesla’s new electric cars seems so ! In a recent development Tesla has claimed that its new car can attain 0-100 km/h speed in just 2.5 mere seconds.The new electric car by Tesla will also cover a distance of 500 kilometers on a full charge. 

Tesla is working in this direction to introduce this kind of car soon.The company has also invented a ‘new battery’ .This 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack will help cars to accelerate more quickly and drive longer on a single charge.The company is preparing to use this new battery pack  in its sedan SP100D and Tesla Model X suv.

Tesla has claimed that after installation of this ‘battery pack’ its electric cars will leave the sports cars way behind in terms of speed.The company has also disclosed the S P100D price which is around 90 lakhs ($134,500).The price of any sports car is more than ‘S P100D ‘ Tesla’s electric car by Tesla.

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