Upcoming Hyundai Santro model 2018 will be a low-cost car in India

Hyundai Santro Low Cost Buget Segment Car May be unveiled by the end of 2018

Hyundai Santro which has lost the market was once a dream car of millions of people. If you also wanted to buy this car, there is a good news for you. Hyundai will launch the all new Santro soon in the Indian automobile market. According to the official of Hyundai’s regional office, the car must be launched, though there is no official information about it.   

Hyundai could keep its price low. Today, the basic price of cars has grown from Rs 5 to Rs 7 lakh while the new Santro will be available in the budget range of Rs 3.5 lakh – Rs 5 lakh only. The details of the car have been revealed with the code name Santro 2018 AH.

Here it is noteworthy that this extremely low budget car can replace the stylish hatchback i10. This car will also look like the old Santro, but in a new style. In a new avatar of the car, its door will be of different patterns, at the same time, the car will be also better in terms of mileage, specifications and features.

The car will be fitted with highly refined 1.0 liter petrol engine. The basic criteria of the new Hyundai Santro is, it is a fuel efficient car with good engine power. The engine of the car is linked to 5-speed manual transmission which can also come up with AMT.

In point of fact, this will be the first car of the Hyundai which will come with AMT. The company will launch this car in the celebration of completing 20 years of Hyundai in India. It is worth mentioning that the Korean car company Hyundai came in 1998 with its first car Santro in the market. Hence, the company can launch this car by October 2018.