Volvo unveils India’s first luxury SUV with a Radar System – XC90 T8 Excellence

XC90 T8 Excellence Luxury SUV car was launched in India which can prevent collisions using radar system

The new luxury suv car ‘XC90 T8 Excellence’ will inform the driver about the accident before it happens.The new engineering marvel suv will even stop the car if a need arises to evade the accident.The Ex Show Room price of this Volvo car was 1.25 Crores.

The car has been launched with an objective of being the ‘most luxurious as well as safe car’.The hybrid car has been equipped with 3 driving modes – Pure, Hybrid and Power.The 2.o liter petrol engine of XC90 T8 Excellence supports both super charge and turbo charge options

XC90 T8 Excellence is the only car in India to have installed with 360 degree radar system which becomes active before an accident.The car utilizes these super advance techniques to prevent accidents i.e. Adaptive Cruise Control , Lane Departure Warning ,Collision Warning to avoid accidents with pedestrians or animals ,Blind Spot Detection Cross with Traffic Alert System Park pilot Assist.

The suv vehicle has got a powerful 407 HP engine that greatly improves its performance. In pure mode , the suv , uses the power of battery to drive upto almost 40 kilo meters , a pollution free drive !