Which Car is best ? Maruti Ciaz or Honda City 2017 A Compare

Honda City 2017 VS Maruti Suzuki Ciaz : Which one is the best comparison

Back in the 1998 when Indian market was introduced with Honda City in the premium mid-size car segment it had no competition.This proved to be a beneficial move for the company and it went on to capture the segment and became a default option for the people.Since then , more than 6.5 lakhs units of Honda City car , has already been sold in India.

But the scenario began to change in the year 2014 when in the same segment Maruti Suzuki launched its premium sedan Ciaz.The move was successful and this Maruti’s car surpassed the Honda City in-terms of sales.Currently , there is a tough competition between Honda City and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz as far as monthly sales are concerned.

After the launch of new Honda City on Feb 14 , 2017 the company
wanted to make it clear that it is not competing with Ciaz and that the new Honda City is again a different car marked by the fact that it has a higher price than Ciaz.

Let us find out what actually is different in these cars.

Honda City VS Maruti Ciaz Dimensions Compare – Which one is bigger ?

Car Name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
Honda City 2017 4440 1695 1495 2600
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 4490 1730 1485 2650

Looking at the above figures it is a clear indication that Maruti Suzuki Ciaz beats Honda City in terms of Dimensions.

Honda City VS Maruti Ciaz Engine Compare – Which one has a powerful engine?

Car Name Petrol Diesel Power Torque
Honda City 2017 1497cc 1498cc 87.7 KW 145 Nm
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz 1373cc 1248cc 68 KW 130 Nm

As far engine power comparison  is concerned Honda City is a winner over Ciaz for both diesel and petrol engine variants.Also in terms of performance Honda City 2017 outperforms Ciaz due to its superior engine.

Honda City VS Maruti Ciaz Mileage Compare – Which one has a better fuel efficiency ?

Car Model Petrol (KM/L)  Diesel (KM/L) 
Honda City 2017 Manual 17.4 25.6
Honda City 2017 CVT 18 N.A.
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Manual 20.73 28.09
Maruti Suzuki Ciaz AT 19.12 N.A.

In terms of better fuel efficiency Maruti Suzuki Ciaz performs way better than Honda City.The mileage (in kilometer per liter) of Ciaz is better than City because it uses smaller engine which consumes lesser fuel.

Honda City VS Maruti Ciaz Price (in lakhs) Compare – Which one is more pocket friendly ?

Honda City (Petrol) Honda City (Diesel) Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (Petrol) Maruti Suzuki Ciaz (Diesel)
S (INR 8,49,990) SV (INR 10,75,990 ) VXI INR 7.97 lakhs VDI      INR 8.76 lakhs
SV (INR 9,53,990) V (INR 11,55,990) VXI+(O) INR 8.17 lakhs VDI (O) INR 8.92 lakhs
V (INR 9,99,990 ) VX (INR 12,86,990) VXI+ INR 8.59 lakhs VDI+    INR 9.37 lakhs
VX (INR 1164990)   ZXI INR 9.27 lakhs ZDI       INR 9.89 lakhs
V CVT (INR 11,53,990 )   ZXI+ INR 9.83 lakhs ZDI+     INR 10.76 lakhs
VX CVT (INR 12,84,990)   VXI+ AT INR 9.78 lakhs  
ZX CVT (INR 13,52,990)   ZXI AT INR 10.29 lakhs  

Going by the above price comparison , while the cheapest Honda City can be bought for Rs 8.5 lakhs while For Ciaz its 7.97 lakhs.The most expensive Ciaz price is 10.76 lakhs while for Honda City it is 12.86 lakhs.