World’s top Mileage Bike ‘Zero S’ delivers 240 kmpl with 140 kmph top speed

'Zero S'  is not only the worlds most fuel efficient bike but also has impressive top speed to 140 kmph

If you are asked that how much mileage a bike can give in the world ? Most of the people will answer 100 kmpl or you can say maximum mileage can be 125 kmpl. But, do you know a bike has been made that gives the highest mileage.

A US company has built a bike that gives a mileage of 240 kmpl. Yes, this is the highest mileage bike in the world so far. The name of this bike is Zero S and it is an electronic bike which gives a mileage of more than 240 kmpl after full charge. This bike takes about 10 to 11 hours to be fully charged.

For your information, there are three models of this bike and all three models give different mileage. However, if you are thinking that the charging bike will move slowly, then know its speed – the top speed of this bike is about 140 km per hour.  

This bike has not been launched in India by now, but we can expect that this bike may be launch in India soon.