7 Best car accessories to have within Rs 500

If you want to decorate your car with some useful accessories you don’t have to go over board and start spending a fortune.We have compiled an important list of best and useful car accessories that you can buy online for a price of Rs 500.

Car accessories below Rs 500

Mobile Charger accessory

Mobile charger is an important accessory for your car

Car charger comes as a handy accessory when you do not get enough time to charge your mobile at home.Now a days some of these devices  also come enabled with fast charging feature.

Sometimes car mobile chargers come with 2 usb ports or 1 usb + 1 cigarette lighter port .The micro USB cable with car charger also lets you charge your tablets on the go.

These kind of devices are available in the market (as well as online ) within a sum of Rs 500.

Mobile Holder for dash board/windscreen

Dashboard mobile holder accesory helps in GPS navigation view

Dashboard mobile holder accessory for the cars are helpful when you are using GPS navigation more often.The device can be locked or release from the dash board or wind screen with a push of your finger.

These mobile dash holders let you view your phone in both landscape and portrait mode easily.

Also a feature named telescopic arm lets you drag these holder more closer to your view for convenience.It also comes within Rs 500 range.

Car Mini dust bin

Mini dustbin is a useful utility and a must buy accesory to collect small car garbages

If a car is used more often this nice tiny accessory will surely serve your purpose.

The mini dustbin for cars can be used to trash toffee wrappers , used tissue papers , old bills and similar stuffs.

You might have noticed that these trashes get accumulated in your car and this is the best solution.

And what is more ! they are inexpensive items below Rs 500 as well.

Fire Extinguisher for car

Fire extinguisher in your car add-on is important for your car's safety

You can never be sure about fire in a car considering the weather in India which has a long spell of summers.

Who knows ? when you require these extinguishers.Having a 500 ml side mounted fire extinguisher can provide you some safety after all.

These fire extinguishers are normally available around Rs 300-500 in India.

Seat Belt Cushion for Cars

Seat belt cushion aids in sound sleep of your kids in a journey

Kids tend to sleep in a car.These soft cushion seat belt accessories brings the comfort in their sleep.

They can be useful for grownups as well when the journey is long.Around Rs 500 these soft cushion seat belts are available.

Car Bluetooth Device with Adapter Dongle

Aux Bluetooth adapter is a cool accesory to play music of your smartphone through car speakers

This accessory helps you play audio through your mobile via Bluetooth.

They  connects to the AUX port in your car stereo through 3.5 mm jack of headphones/earphones to enable your stereo system to stream audio from smartphones wireless.They can help in supporting phone calling through Bluetooth receiver.

Tissue Paper Holder

Sun visor mounted Tissue paper holder is another useful accesory for your car

In a sticky summer weather in India this car accessory comes quite handy.

Tissue paper holder in cars do not take up too much space .It can be well mounted over sun visor of your car.

You might get this accessory online for a price within Rs 500