Car AC Maintenance Checklist – Keeping your Car AC Fit In Summer !

In summer, if you are going somewhere with the family and AC of your car stops suddenly or does not work properly, then everyone gets into a bad mood. Hence, before going you must check your car AC, and if the AC does not work properly, do not delay to repair it.

Car AC Maintenance & Care Checklist

In this AC Maintenance Checklist ARTICLE, we are going to tell you how to check your car AC and when you need to repair .

How to check yourself !

  • First of all, check AC gas, and if leakage, then it should be refilled.
  • Check the coolant, if the coolant level of the car has been reduced, then it has to be refilled.
  • If air is coming down from the vent of the AC, then there is a possibility that the dust will be stored in the coil. So, you should clear it too.
  • If the compressor of the AC is not working properly or the condenser is not clean or the belt is loose or damaged, then AC does not work properly. All these things can be repaired during service.
  • The radiator of the car should also be clean, because if it is too hot, then AC may trip.

Very Useful ac maintenance tips !

There should not be much dust inside the car, especially in the front part. If dust is there, then the blower will pull the dust along with the wind and the cooling coil can be jammed.To do the proper work of AC, the material inside the car should also be fine, the cabin quickly gets cold if there is a cotton seat cover in the car.

When your car AC needs a service ?

The best time to get AC service is when the summer is about to begin, that is, you can enjoy the whole summer by making AC service in the month of April. Although, the service of AC should always be done by the company’s authorized service center, because upgradation of car model is done very soon nowadays, and hence continuous training is given to the company’s mechanics.

Generally, AC services are not done with the car service. For this, you have to give a separate AC service request. However, while servicing the car, most service centers wash condenser etc. and, at the same time the AC checkup is also done. If a disturbance is found then the customer is told about it.