Countries where almost every one owns a car

While India has not the highest density of cars (18 per 1000) there are many places where number of people per one thousand on a car is very higher.That means a majority of people own a veicle or a car.Check out these countries/places.

Guam Islands

Guam has 703 cars per 1000 people

Guam has a population of 161,785 but interestingly most of the people of this country own a car.The USA’s unincorporated exotic island in the Pacific Ocean of "Chamorros" language speaking people has 703 cars per 1000 people.

New Zealand

New Zealand has 708 cars for every 1000 people

The 4.7 million population island nation ‘New Zealand’ in Pacific Ocean.The country of beautiful landscapes , volcanoes , mountains is also special in the sense that it has been one of the top least corrupt countries in the world (Transparency International).New Zealand has 708 cars for every 1000 people.

United States of America

 In 318.9 million population of, USA there are 809 vehicles on 1000 people

A country with more than 318.9 million population , USA,  has 809 vehicles per 1000 people.The auto industry in USA began in the 1890s and with the time soon evolved into the largest in the world.Fortunately , with a larger population , USA does not happens to be a country with highest number of road crashes.


There are 842 vehicles on every 1000 people in Monaco

Monaco is a country with a constitutional monarchy.It is the 2nd smallest country in the world with a population of 37,831 people.There are 842 vehicles on every 1000 people in Monaco.The average life expectancy of citizens in Monaco is almost 90 years – the world’s longest life span.

San Marino

San Marino has the world's highest 1263 per 1000 people vehicle density

With an estimated 32,000 population San Marino happens to be the top country in terms of people to vehicle ratio which is 1263 per 1000 people.San Marino , famous among tourists for the castles , is the  oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world.It is surrounded on all sides by the Republic of Italy.