Factory Fitted CNG Cars vs Local Market CNG Kits.What makes a difference ?

People in India prefer CNG powered cars because not only they are eco friendly but also low running cost as compared to the  conventional fuel engines. The vehicle buyers face are also confused over the difference between CNG Cars vs Local Market CNG Kits. So let us find out what exactly are the differences!

Many a times, in a bid to save some bucks, people go on to install CNG kits from local vendors against the factory installed ones.This leads to some major issues, so let us dissect, what are the pros and cons of both kits.

Local CNG Kits are affordable but lack quality

Local CNG Kits are affordable but lack quality

According to experts , one should  avoid , a very low cost local CNG Kit. This is because it can be fatal and even damage your car.

The local CNG Kits , most of the time , do not come with a warranty.That means, in case of fire your insurance claim may be rejected.

More commonly, the fitting wire is also of poor quality and can not be trusted. Also, you do not have any clue whether the kit installed has been correctly fitted or not.

On the contrary, a factory CNG Kit is comparatively expensive but then , you can trust them for quality.

Local and Company Fitted CNG Kit Prices

Local and Company Fitted CNG Kit Prices

While you can get a local CNG Kit anywhere between Rs 15,000-Rs 20,000 , if you go further , a more improved Chinese CNG Kit price falls between Rs 25.000 to Rs 30,000.Where as Original CNG Kit prices begins from Rs 58,000.

Any low quality CNG Kit can harm your engine to such an extent that whole engine may need to be dissembled.This leads to waste of time and money.

Advantage of Original CNG vs Others

Advantage of Original CNG vs Others

Apart from being more environment friendly and delivering low running cost these kits are found to deliver more safety.It has been observed that the life of factory Kit is longer as compared to Chinese Kits.

The CNG Kit fitting must be done by an expert as this will make your car safer and you will have a trouble free rides.

Fake CNG Kits are banned

Fake CNG Kits are banned

After many cases of fake CNG Kits being installed in cars in Delhi , the sale of these kits were banned and investigations were ordered .

Its has been seen that people even after getting their cars installed with CNG fail to complete the formalities and try to escape from making rounds of offices to get their Registration Certificate stamped with CNG authorisation.

The cars running on fake CNG Kits have no warranty and just to save some money people install them just to repent later.

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