Find ! 6 things that makes new Bolero plus different than older Bolero

Indian Car Company Mahindra has launched its new Mahindra Bolero version – Power Plus.This version is comparatively less expensive than the ‘older’ one.Bolero Power Plus has also been made more stylish and fitted with M Hawk D70 engine.The Ex Showroom price of this Bolero is 6.59 lakhs.

Top Features of New Mahindra Bolero Power Plus

1 Improved Power and Mileage

Bolero Power+ Power and Mileage

The new Power Plus Bolero Mahindra engine is more powerful (13%)  than the previous Bolero.This smaller Bolero will also give 5% more mileage than ‘Classic Bolero’.

2 Smaller than Old Bolero

Bolero Plus Seats and Length

This Bolero is smaller than the Bolero Mahindra already has in the market.The length of this suv is lesser than 4 meters ( Sub 4 meter ) but the height and width are same as the previous one.The 1.5 liter engine will give tax benefit to its buyers as it falls within Sub 4 meter car range.More over , it is 1 lakh cheaper than the existing Bolero.There has been no effect on seating capacity in new Bolero which is 7 as the previous one.

3 3 New Variants of New Bolero Power Plus

Mahindra Bolero New Variants

Mahindra has launched 3 variants of new Bolero Power Plus in India.These variants – SLE , SLX and ZLX is available all across India through Mahindra dealerships.

4 Rejects Duplicate Keys

Bolero Plus uses Duplicate Key Entry Rejection

The new Bolero by Mahindra has a strong security feature to keep car thieves at bay.It uses encrypted key recognition system  which enables the Engine Control, Unit to reject duplicate keys.

5 Use of Micro Hybrid System

More Fuel Efficient With Use of Micro Hybrid System

The new Bolero Power Plus also uses a Micro Hybrid System – a technology . which enabled this SUV to switch off automatically at a traffic light when idle and in neutral gear and the engine starts seamlessly once the driver depresses the clutch before moving forward.This helps to save fuel.

6 Mahindra eyes to make a Grip on auto market with this suv car again

Mahindra Pins its hope with new Bolero

Mahindra tasted a great success with the old Bolero since the first time it was launched in India in the year 2000.The company has sold over 9 lakh units of this suv car.In the last couple of years the sale has declined for Bolero and Mahindra is trying to re-gain the ‘Grip in SUV segment’ it had once created.In the Sub 4 meter suv car segment Maruti Vitara Brezza is the biggest rival of Bolero Plus apart from Ford Eco Sport.